Applying to the Catalyze Program: Tips from the director and programmatic offerings that set us apart

Event description

Presenters: Dr. Mike Pieck, Emily Vernon, MMB, and Brailey Faris, MS

The Catalyze Program is a translational science program that offers a unique set of resources to support you along your innovation journey in moving your projects into practical application. Accepted investigators not only receive clinical, manufacturing, and regulatory expertise from the Catalyze team, but have access to broader resources at RTI International, including market and value proposition assessments from the RTI Innovation Advisors. Interested in learning more?

Join Dr. Mike Pieck (the Catalyze Scientific Director) and members of RTI Innovation Advisors team ahead of the next application receipt deadline (due: July 21st, 2022) to:

  • learn what types of resources you have access to as a member of the Catalyze Program
  • receive guidance for developing a competitive Catalyze application

Webinar presented on June 16, 2022 to an invited audience.

This video is provided for educational purposes only.

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