What is Catalyze?

Catalyze is a new approach to translational research support that takes into consideration not only the technical needs of the project, but also the management, commercialization, regulatory, and training requirements of the scientists developing them. Catalyze strives to anticipate the needs of a supported project, pivot funding and other support as needed, and prevent projects from failing for non-technical reasons. Projects supported by Catalyze receive funding, project management support, access to technical services and expertise, advisory services (IP, regulatory, commercialization), training opportunities, access to best practices and the opportunity to become part of an innovation network.


The mission of Catalyze is to provide a comprehensive suite of support and services to facilitate the transition of basic science discoveries into viable diagnostic and therapeutic candidates that have been cleared for human testing, and to develop a translational research workforce fluent in product development and entrepreneurship.

1 Basic Research, 2 Production Definition, 3 Initial Development, 4 Non-clinical Refinement, 5 Preclinical Refinement, 6 First in Human


  • Provide funding for HLBS-related therapies, devices, and diagnostics across the continuum of translational science
  • Support scientists in setting reachable milestones that move their projects along the research pathway
  • Educate investigators in translation, marketing, and commercialization of products
  • Anticipate the needs of researchers so that they spend time on the science instead of the administration of projects and figuring out the next steps
  • Pivot funding and support quickly depending on project and scientific needs

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June 22, 2021

Gaining the Edge - Medical Device Products Development to Regulatory

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January 26, 2021

Product Definition Informational Webinar

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