Commercialization Resources


Commercializing medical/health-related diagnostics, therapies, and devices can seem arduous and overwhelming for small businesses and first-time innovators due to the long timelines, regulatory requirements, costs, and stakeholders involved. However, innovators don’t have to undertake the journey to commercialization alone. The Catalyze Program supports early-stage innovators in commercialization, by offering guidance on value proposition testing, market analysis, end-user/stakeholder engagement and outreach, and more. Beyond In addition to offering commercialization support as part of the to investigators in the Catalyze Program, we havethe Catalyze website collated provides a set of resources corresponding to key facets of the commercialization process for innovators and entrepreneurs to add to their toolkit, including:

Customer Discovery

Business Model Canvas

Communication & Pitching


Market Analysis

Intellectual Property

Exit Strategies & Partnerships



General Resources

Click the links above to access a variety of resources and learn more about critical components of commercializing medical/health-related diagnostics, therapies, and devices.