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Project Management

The phases of a project lifecycle include: project design and initiation, project planning, project launch, monitoring, and closure. Thinking about your planned research in these phases can be particularly useful for understanding which activities depend on others and what activities are critical to achieve your milestones and goals. Project progress is monitored using milestone-driven processes, and project managers provide advice on technology applications and market strategy.

The videos below explain project management tips, software tools, and how to manage changes to the project plan.

Milestones: Identifying activities and decision points help to define key points in the development path

Building your Project Team: Recruiting and hiring the right type of Project manager is crucial to project success

Nuts and Bolts: This "How To" section details project management activities through the life of the project

Resources: Useful templates and documents are found here, including Letters of intent, Target Product Profiles and Project Managment Software