Early-Stage Design Control for Device Development

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Presenter: F. David Rothkopt, President and Founding Managing Partner of MEDICept, Inc.

Join presenter F. David Rothkopf, President, and Founding Managing Partner of MEDIcept, Inc., who will guide you to a better understanding of feasibility design control in the development and regulatory control of medical devices. Feasibility studies are a critical early step for evaluation of a medical device. This presentation is meant to be accessible to the academic and small business innovator, spanning different stages of device development. David has over 35 years of professional experience in technical and hands-on applications in a variety of regulatory, compliance management, and quality processes. In this webinar, you will gain insights into the FDA's review process, the type of controls the FDA is looking for in the feasibility stage and managing risks in feasibility studies. Time was allotted for questions and answers.

Webinar presented on April 18, 2023 to an invited audience.

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