Catalyze Annual Meeting 2022 - Catalyze Awardee 5-Minute Pitch Session and Investor Panel Feedback

Meeting description

Presenters: Dr. Suneet Agarwal, Dr. Kevin Snook (Bagwell team), Dr. Rebekah Gundry, Mr. Ray Liu (Kim team), Mr. Rob Bent (Vanderslice team)

Prior to the Annual Meeting, our internal team reviewed thirty-one 90-second pitches submitted by our investigators. Based on pre-defined scoring criteria, the top five pitches were selected and those investigators were invited to prepare and deliver a 5-minute pitch to a panel of investor pitch judges live at the Annual Meeting. In this session, you can hear pitches from those five Catalyze investigators, followed by comments and critiques from our investor pitch judges.

This meeting was recorded on September 16th, 2022.

This video is provided for educational purposes only.

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