Catalyze Annual Meeting 2023 - Developing Your Product's Competitive Advantages

Meeting description

Presented by Mr. Michael Osbourne, Senior Innovation Advisor, RTI International

Mike Osbourne has been with the RTI Innovation Advisors for 9 years. His work in includes support for the development and coaching for the NIMHD HDPreApp program supporting small companies and start-ups applying for SBIR funds. He has worked extensively with NIST MEP small companies and startups on work including strategy, market and technology insights, and business model evaluation and development. He is an advisor and trainer for technology-driven market intelligence and technology scouting capacity building. Prior to RTI, Mike spent 13 years as CEO for Sedona International, Inc. an engineering services company he founded that provided strategy, product ideation, prototypes, engineering and analysis, product development, and technology transfer for a variety of industries.

This meeting was recorded on September 21st, 2023.

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